Well. Like you, I am many things. None of these by themselves can fully wrap arms around who I am.

If I could summarize me it would be this.

I am a communications professional and a leader. It is my desire to help leaders and communicators in non-profit organizations, churches, and businesses learn to lead well from where you are.

Lead Well From Where You Are

You have opportunities everyday to lead. Whether it’s leading yourself and your family, leading a project or team at work, leading friends, or leading in community or professional organizations. You are a leader! The scope of your leadership may not be the same as that of a CEO, but you are a leader nonetheless.

A key phrase for me in this is from where you are. There are two main areas of life in which we all have some degree of leadership: personal and professional.

Personal leadership
, or as I call it, leading self, implies learning to lead yourself, your family, as well as leading in the informal relationships you develop in your neighborhood, community, and your church or other organizations. Leading self is about improving your leadership skills, learning to be more productive and focused on reaching personal goals, and making a positive difference in the lives of those around you.

Professional leadership
is about the formal roles in your life that are usually tied to how you make a living. It’s about understanding your role in your organization and learning to lead well from where you are. Whether you are “the boss” or an entry level employee, you have regular opportunities to lead…to lead those that report to you, to lead sideways (with your equals or peers), and to lead up (influencing those “above” you).

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