GTD, Reading, & Managers: Top Posts from 2016

GTD, Reading, & Managers: Top Posts from 2016

I know. I know. It’s another one of those obligatory year-in-review posts. Hey, why not. It’s actually a nice change of pace. It’s a little easier to write about your posts than it is to write the posts themselves. Besides, I’ve blogged on and off for years and I don’t think I’ve ever written one of these.

I dug into the analytics for my site for 2016 to see what posts received the most traffic. There’s no fancy math involved. I simply looked at “unique visitors” to see which posts garnered the most attention. Here are the results.

1. My Trusted System for Getting Things Done

Your mind is for having ideas not holding them. -David Allen

People are really interested in productivity. It’s as if we all feel a little overwhelmed or in over our heads. We like to learn about tips, tricks, and techniques that others have found useful.

For me, as I discuss in the post, it’s all about having a trusted SYSTEM. The tools, tips, etc., only work in the context of a larger, comprehensive system for getting things done. If you don’t have the framework, the tools don’t really help. Read David Allen’s definitive book on the matter and establish your trusted system. You won’t regret it.

2. 3 Tips for Reading on a Kindle or Other E-reader

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. ~Harry Truman

This one surprised me a bit. I wrote this almost on a whim after reading Michael Hyatt’s post proclaiming he was going back to physical books. While I would typically prefer paper, the convenience of a digital book allows me to redeem otherwise unproductive time. I also have a few tips that make reading on an e-reader (or an app) more like the paper experience that is so familiar.

If reading digital books does not appeal to you, try these tips before you give them up completely.

3. Stop Using “Manager” as a Dirty Word!

The real issue is not whether you are a “manager" or a “leader", but whether as a manager you lead well. Jason Cooper

I am glad this was near the top of the list. In many ways, this particular post is my manifesto. It’s not that I am legalistic about the use of the term “manager,” but rather that I am passionate about helping others lead well from where they are.

Too many leadership “experts” out there speak and write as if you are not really a leader unless you are at the very top. They diminish the value of the lower and mid-level leaders. Not everyone gets to be the CEO, but everyone can learn to lead well where they are. If my writing ever takes on this kind of a tone, please call me on it.

Honorable Mention: My Faves

My favorite things.

Technically My Faves is not a post, nor do I promote or reference it very often, so I was surprised to see it rank near these top three. This page simply highlights a few of my favorite blogs, books, and gear. I do update it quite frequently which may be why it had quite a bit of traffic this year.

-Question: What kind of posts would you like to see more often? What leadership topic areas interest you the most?