How to Overflow with Content

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How to Overflow with Content

I get it. You know you need to invest time and effort into a strategy for developing content in order to keep your website updated and relevant and to have fodder for sharing on social media channels. But you lead a small business or organization that doesn’t have the resources to hire dedicated communications staff. Or perhaps you are the organization. At best you might be able to train your admin assistant to do some of the legwork, but content is up to you.

But there is hope!

Find ways to build your content on the overflow of your main business or organizational activities.

Here’s what I mean. Developing your content can be one more step, not a completely new layer of work. Turn the timeless information you share on a regular basis into online content that can be shared. Develop your content around what you are already sharing in verbal or print form and put it on your website, in your email newsletter, turn it into a “how to” video, and share it on social media.

Example 1: If you are an independent financial advisor, build content around the things you find yourself telling clients the most.

  • Definition of industry terms. (IRA, Roth, 401(k), annuity, etc.)
  • FAQ style topical resources. (Is it better to invest or pay down debt?)
  • Explain seasonal trends related to your business. (year-end tax deductible donations)

Example 2: If you are a church or community oriented organization, build content around your core activities.

  • Your primary programming. (PR about your programming and why it’s valuable)
  • Your program topics. (parenting, youth development, food & nutrition, etc.)
  • Benefits of volunteering and options to do so.

Every industry or organization is overflowing with content ideas that come from their everyday activities. Grab those. Turn them into content. Publish them on a regular basis. And soon your website and online communications channels will have a consistent flow of fresh, relevant content.

How have you created content from the overflow of what you are already doing?