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Leadership Strength: How To Confront A “Bullish” Leader

Leadership Strength: How To Confront A “Bullish” Leader

You’ve probably met the type. You know, the person that is outspoken but doesn’t care to give others a chance to speak. The person who speaks first and with force as a way to shut down differing opinions. The person who uses words like “should” and “need” liberally when making their point. The person who frames everything in a way that you can’t possibly disagree with them. The person who no one wants to argue with because they become even more forceful.

Some leaders think they are being strong when they bull their way through to get what they want. They are the proverbial “bull in a china shop.”

These leaders boldly flail about in an attempt to get their way or show their leadership strength (or dominance) and they have little concern for the damage they cause around them.