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GTD, Reading, & Managers: Top Posts from 2016

GTD, Reading, & Managers: Top Posts from 2016

I know. I know. It’s another one of those obligatory year-in-review posts. Hey, why not. It’s actually a nice change of pace. It’s a little easier to write about your posts than it is to write the posts themselves. Besides, I’ve blogged on and off for years and I don’t think I’ve ever written one of these.

I dug into the analytics for my site for 2016 to see what posts received the most traffic. There’s no fancy math involved. I simply looked at “unique visitors” to see which posts garnered the most attention. Here are the results.

3 Tips For Reading On A Kindle Or Other E-reader

3 Tips For Reading On A Kindle Or Other E-reader


“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” ~ Harry Truman

There is no doubt that digital publishing has changed the publishing world. But I was a hold out.

Entering into a meeting with a consulting group, one of the men offered to help me with my bag while I grabbed a few things to carry to our meeting room. When I handed him the bag, he immediately reacted to how heavy it was.

He wondered aloud why my bag was so heavy. I told him it was because in addition to my laptop and various pens and notebooks, I usually carry around several books that I am working through.

Without any hesitation he stated rather bluntly, “Why don’t you just get a Kindle?”

A little taken aback by his directness and that he clearly expected an answer, I blurted out something about preferring paper books.