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5 Leadership Tasks You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

5 Leadership Tasks You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Leadership takes discipline…the discipline to think outside yourself and do things that lift up, encourage, empower, or benefit those on your team.

Everyday you have small chunks of time that might otherwise seem unproductive. They are not large enough to tackle major leadership tasks on your todo list, but they can still be utilized to encourage and empower your organization.

Leadership, Productivity, and My Vegetable Garden

Leadership, Productivity, and My Vegetable Garden

It happens every summer. No matter how good our intentions or how disciplined we are, at some point our vegetable garden gets away from us.

We know what we are supposed to do. Fertilize it by working in rich, organic material into the soil. Plant it. Water it. And keep the weeds out. If we do these basic things, we will have a decent harvest.

But too often we get distracted. We give it good attention in the few weeks after we plant it. But at some point during the summer, we just let it do it’s thing. Fortunately for us, we live in a part of the country where once your garden is established, watering isn’t usually an issue.

In our defense, this is not intentional. And we often have an excuse. Kids and family activities often take up a good portion of the weekend when we would normally give our garden attention. In fact it usually happens when we are away on vacation. But at some point, the garden goes crazy.

4 Ways to Break Organizational Habits

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4 Ways to Break Organizational Habits

The first Easter a newly married couple was together, they were eager to celebrate a holiday together. She eagerly planned a traditional dinner of ham and all her favorite dishes that she grew up enjoying on this holiday. Just like her mother taught her, she cut the ends off the ham, discarded them, and put the rest in the pan and prepared it for the oven.

Noticing that she had cut the ends off and discarded them, her husband was curious. “Why do you cut the end off?” he asked.

She thought for a moment, “That’s what you do when you cook a ham. My mom always did, and she taught me how to cook.” But now she was curious. A little while later she decided to call her mom and find out. Her mother responded the same. “I am not really sure. My mom always did it that way, and so I did as well. I guess you’ll have to ask her.”

So she called up her grandmother. Surely she would know the reason for cutting the ends off of the ham. “Grandma, I have a question for you. I asked mom, but she didn’t know the answer. Why do you cut the ends off the ham before you cook it?”