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How Leaders Resolve Issues – Listening for the Rub

How Leaders Resolve Issues – Listening for the Rub

A while back an employee who was a fairly recent hire came to me saying he had been contacted by a company and had been offered a job. He hadn’t sought it out, but now here it was and he had to make a decision. He said he was leaning towards accepting it.

As we talked, I did my best salesman job and reminded him of the benefits of working with us…more variety, coworkers he admittedly liked and enjoyed, and more stability than he would find in most positions in his line of work. He agreed and knew he would likely be risking several key job satisfaction factors if he accepted the offer. He eventually mentioned that the only reason he was interested in this other position was that it was a much shorter commute. He was happy with his current job, but didn’t like the long drive, especially in winter.