Leadership & Arrogance: Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

Leadership & Arrogance: Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

I recently published a guest post on skipprichard.com that has to do with arrogance in leadership. In many ways, leaders are particularly vulnerable to becoming arrogant. Here is a snippet:

Leaders are usually in leadership positions because they have proven themselves in some capacity. They may have had the best technical skills, or the boldest and best ideas, or maybe they found themselves in a leadership position because they knew how to work with and motivate a team of people to accomplish far more than they could alone.

As leaders rise, however, there is a tendency to let it go to our heads. The faster a leader rises, the more likely this is to happen. Pride begins to set in and pride is the gateway drug to arrogance. [read the article]

Have you seen this in others? Or, perhaps, have you seen this in yourself?

Let me encourage you to head on over and read the post. You’ll find more about:

  • “better at” verses “better than” – confusing skill with value
  • the importance of elevating others as a leader
  • 7 practical ways to cultivate humility

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